Originally from the beautiful plains of Canada, Kerey Kim is currently based in the fast-paced and vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea. He attributes his style to "all the beautiful places I've lived and written music in". His debut album “Old Songs” is out now on all major streaming platforms. 

“Old songs is a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he says.  “I had all these unfinished songs on my hard drive and it was time to finish them. It’s just a shame that it took a pandemic to motivate me.”  Music has always been a passion for Kerey but it wasn’t until this year that he decided it needed to be more than a hobby.  “I’ve written songs and played shows for years,” he explains, “but I never thought I could get my songs to a level, sonically, that I was happy with. It wasn’t until I started meeting people who were doing what I was doing, bedroom producing, that I realized I could do this and that my songs were on par with what other people were doing.” When describing Old Songs Kerey says, “it’s a blend of literally old songs I had lying around and the new ways in which I’ve been approaching songwriting and producing.” 

While Kerey is excited to have “Old Songs” out, he’s also eager to start releasing some of the newer songs that have been “filling up his hard drive.”  “I think what you’re going to hear on the new stuff is a combination of what I do on my Twitch channel and the catchy songs that somehow come out of me.” Kerey has been streaming on under the username mrmcgoo111.  “Twitch is such a cool platform where you can build a community around the things you love to do,” he says. “I love to experiment and just jam out in Ableton.”  You can catch Kerey’s show at and be sure to click the button below to sign up to receive free access to some of Kerey’s demos and new tracks.